Do you know the Baix Empordà? Have you been told about their wines, their landscapes and their cuisine? Have you ever heard about its beautiful beaches and its lovely interior villages that will bring you into the times of kings, knights and pirates?

Today we suggest you something special! In this tour you will know one of the most beautiful and unknown areas that are close to Barcelona, and at the same time you will enjoy a wine tasting and a lunch in an extraordinary place with superb quality products and freshness.

After just over an hour by car, we will start with a short route through the beaches and coves of Palamós, there we will visit Cala Margarida, Salguer and La Fosca, places where you will enjoy a beautiful landscape and the contact with nature.

After that, we will go to the farm where we start with a wine tasting sorted with local products such as cheese, oil, sausage and homemade bread.

This is a beautiful farm in the heart of the Empordà impregnated with a special philosophy and proud of its roots, there they offer products of high quality without giving up the essence of the traditional values of the Mother Earth.

We will know about the history of the place and its vineyards of ecological exploitation, we will visit the underground cellar with an impressive architectural project and totally integrated in the natural landscape of the Gavarres. Be prepared to discover an inner world in which all the senses are awakened and in which the wine makes a link between the Earth and the visitor.

Watching this, we're staying for lunch, right? With a gastronomic suggestion that seeks the essence, we suggest a menu of traditional food with own products and proximity, all of them recognized with the Quality Label.

This farm has its own garden and corral with chickens, sheep, goats and Iberian pigs that are feed with acorns. Fresh fish comes from the port of Palamós, and is another of its flagship products.

The tasting menu is a menu that depends on seasonal products and their availability, including drinks, starters and main course (to choose meat or fish) and homemade desserts.

After lunch, we will be able to move to the beautiful village of Pals, where during the guided tour we will be brought to the Middle Age through its dreamy streets, and also you will have the opportunity to taste typical liqueurs of the area. Of course, free time is available for shopping or a walk before returning to Barcelona.

Appetizing, isn't it?