Today we are going to visit the village of Siurana, a small village located approximately two hours by car south of Barcelona. Siurana is a place with stories of endless sieges and impossible conquests etched into its very fabric.

Perched upon an unassailable spot overlooking the Siurana River, knights of four counts were required to subdue this small town. Its castle defended an impassable border that was, until 1153, the last bastion of the Reconquest in Catalonia.

Through the streets of Siurana, and walking on the edges of its precipices and cliffs, we will discover the history of this place of dreams, and the tragic end of its queen at the arrival of the Christians.

Abdelazia, the Moorish queen, rather than face being subjugated to Christian power, preferred instead to jump into the void from a precipice along with her horse. During the visit, we will get to know her history and today still, the shoe print of the horse of Abdelazia remains marked on the rock, a legacy of its vain resistance to hurtling itself into the void.

With the tragic end of Abdelazia, we will see how the last Saracen bastion in Catalonia ultimately disappeared.

We will also visit the Romanesque church of the town, and contemplate the magnificent views seated in the cliffs that surround the town. Finally, we will delight in strolling through its beautiful cobbled streets.

During our journey, there is time for everything, whether outbound, or while returning to Barcelona. In summertime, we will have the opportunity to bathe in the swamp of Siurana in order to refresh ourselves. It is a place of clean and calm waters, where you will have the opportunity to practise all kinds of water sports.

Once on our way back to Barcelona, we will drop in to a wine co-operative, where we will take pleasure in sampling some local wines of the region, as well enjoying other homemade products typical to the area.

What are you waiting for?