About us

BCN Hidden Tours is the consequence of the collective experience of its founders, a group of well-experienced travellers around the five continents by land, sea and air, who became weary of overcrowded circuits and excursions without sense. They decided to undertake the project of creating new circuits and journeys for the visitors of Barcelona, completely a world away from the traditional overcrowded ones that the city offers to her visitors.

Our goal is for you to become a part of the city and its surroundings, we want to make you see Barcelona through our eyes and to enjoy the city as much as we do, we want to make you truly live Barcelona! You will not go back home with a light impression of the great treasures that this city offers to you. You will return home with a "piece" of Barcelona in your pocket.

And of course, here the protagonist is you: in all our routes, we offer you a personal guide in your own language, and of course, in reduced-size groups (maximum 6 people) or mini-groups (you and whoever else you want). Need a guide just for you? Well, we also make that possible!

We are here to make your days in Barcelona much easier and fun, because to travel is our life and because we love Barcelona.

And remember the most important thing: everything at your own pace and to suit you! We take care of everything giving you a premium service.

Because to visit Barcelona and her surroundings away from the stress and the overcrowding is also possible!

Gerard Orihuela.

CEO of BCN Hidden Tours.